What I'm Working on

Here's a list of the things I'm working on right now in no particular order. 

  • Precision Nutrition Certification level 1 completed by July 2017. (updated to December 2017)
  • Associate at Colere Group.
  • Movement practice
    • muscle ups
    • handstand push ups
    • full back bridge
    • one arm chin up
    • handstand
    • spinal movement
  • Mindfulness practices
    • body scan mediation
    • Daily journalling
  • Daily creative practice
  • Being a good friend


Here are the values I live by. I work on these every day to make sure I'm in line with them and always checking in to make sure they're in line with me. 

  • Love deeply and honestly. 
  • Enjoy being in my body and mind. 
  • Inquisitive and life-long learning. 
  • Create space for people to learn what makes them human. 
  • Improve the experience.