What I'm Doing Now

I'm living in Canberra, Australia. 

It's the Year of Movement and Connection.  

I'm training movement at Praksis and Elements. I've got some specific things I'm working on at the moment: 

  • muscle ups
  • handstand push ups
  • full back bridge (achieved but working to make it better)
  • one arm chin up
  • handstand
  • spinal movement

I'm working with Colere Group as an Associate. 

I'm doing some further study in nutrition - I'm about three quarters of the way through the Precision Nutrition Certification level 1. I expect to complete that by March. Further to my career so far in agriculture research and development, I want to see if I like the nutrition side. 

I'm still getting a lot of value out of practicing mindfulness each day through mediation and various breathing exercises. In October 2017 I added a creative practice to this which has so far resulted in a massive increase in my creative output. Thumbs up!




    Here are the values I live by. I work on these every day to make sure I'm in line with them and always checking in to make sure they're in line with me. 

    • Love deeply and honestly. 
    • Enjoy being in my body and mind. 
    • Give enough fucks. 
    • Inquisitive and life-long learning. 
    • Create connections for people to learn what makes them human. 
    • Improve the experience.