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One on one coaching with me. I'll give you personalised help with your goals, including nutrition tips and my system to thrive. 

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You're looking for some help losing those last few kilograms? You're eating healthy, but things don't seem to be quite right? You know how important maintaining health is, but it has left you feeling constantly unhappy with yourself no matter how well you're doing. 

This has to stop. You don't need to be unhappy all the time! You can enjoy your life, including the foods you like to eat (in moderation) and the activities you want to do. There is a way. And it's not by following some fad diet. 

This monthly price includes 2 1 hour session with me, either in person, or over the phone to discuss your goals, set a plan, and set up your system to thrive. It will take some work from you, but I'll be there to help you along the way with guidance, tips, and some strong encouragement. 

This introductory price is extremely limited.